Quit Nutrition Multivitamins & Quit Tea by: The Quit Co.

These vitamin supplements are amazing. I’ve been taking them for a week now and wow.20160307_134924I have noticed a jump in my energy level, I don’t feel so sluggish and weighted down. I also suffer from poor circulation due to too much caffeine and smoking, so this means my hands and feet are always cold (even in the summer). While taking this supplement I also noticed that the cold hands and feet have slowly started to fade. I’m sure so much repairing is going on inside my body right now because of the countless years of smoking I’ve done to myself. I also received the quit tea in addition to the quit vitamins and the tea resembles a bit of a calming or sleep tea, the taste is amazing to me but I am also an avid tea drinker. 20160311_102653The vitamins are a bit bigger so if you have trouble swallowing big pills it would probably be better to half them and take them. I would definitely recommend this product to any of my friends who want to stop smoking. Not only do the vitamins replenish, restore and repair, but for me they also helped with the urge to smoke in addition with the tea. I have received this product for free or a heavily discounted price in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

Product Link: The Quit Co.


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